Canada Immigration

Canada is a good place for immigration

  • Quality/Value of life
  • Free medical services
  • Better education
  • Better job opportunity
  • Better future for upcoming generations
  • Canada is the land of immigrants 

A person can immigrate to Canada under the following categories

  • Skilled worker category
  • Business class
  • Family class
  • Study permit
  • Travel and tourism (TRV)
  • Express entry class
  • Refugee and asylum
  • Start up visa programe

Skilled worker

  • Can be Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Canadian Experiance Class (CEC)
  • Quebec Immigration Program (QIP)

Business Class

  • Federal Business Immigration Program
  • Quebec Business Immigration Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program - This program varies with different provinces of Canada

Family Visa Class

  • Spousal visa (In Canada and outside Canada)
  • Common law parter visa
  • Dependant children visa
  • Family based provincial nominee visa
  • Parental and grant parental visa

Study pemit (Student Visa)

  • Explore various university and their offered courses
  • We will do the visa procedure
  • If eligible then we will help to get an available Canadian scholarship
  • High school admission for students so easy transition to University without giving IELTS
  • Student will get Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and parent can stay as a visitor with student

About us

The Management of KP Immigration Services provides transparent and fast services to their customers. We have a team of dedicated staff with customer care services available 24/7. Our staff is efficient and fully trained to complete all the required formalities to immigrate to Canada. KP Immigration professionals are accredited members of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) with registration ID R20054. We offer pre-landing services and post-landing services. Our Canadian office looks after the post-landing services. We can help our clients to find suitable jobs by providing various resources.

Some of the leading sectors which have numerous job prospects:-


Canada has been a distinguishable destination for immigration since the turn of the 21st century. A vast area lying uninhabited and unparalleled creates the potential for a better career, prosperous and peaceful life and a stable future which qualifies Canada as the most suitable country for dedicated hardworking and organized individuals. At present, the Canadian economy is very stable and growing despite other top economies reeling under the debt crisis post-global meltdown. The Canadian economy is constantly looking for a steady flow of migrant workers to maintain its position as a G-7 major economy of the world.


At KP Immigration services we are providing highly professional immigration services with pre and post landing to settle you down in Canada either as a permanent resident, student and under guest worker programs successfully. We are also providing essential and efficient immigration services one on one to you as a prospective immigrant to Canada.

Immigration rules are complex and our firm is working with you to make it simpler and easier. We are here to assist you through the immigration process. All of our staff are experts in Canadian immigration law and fully licensed to practice. Our Firm will help you initially to settle down in Canada. In today’s world, we have many opportunities and possibilities where we can make your future. It’s really difficult to decide which stream to choose and why. At KP Immigration services our staff will understand your requirement and advise the applicant accordingly.

Ms. Renu Kulshrestha

CEO & Founder


Mr. Sunil Kumar Kulshrestha

Sr. Vice President

Check your eligibility

Would you like to know if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada? Do you know that there are over 60 separate immigration streams offered under the Provincial Nominee Program alone and much more including the Federal Programs.

If you are found to be eligible and would like to proceed, we will then determine the relative fees based on the program(s) selected.

Please note that accuracy is very important when entering your details in order to reasonably determine your eligibility under the specific program(s).

Click here to submit your online assessment. We will email you the results once our assessment is complete.

Why KP Immigration Services?

As an individual or family immigrating to a new society and environment KPIS will help in all the possible ways to settle you down comfortably in the new country. Moving to Canada is an exciting opportunity but also a great challenge. We provide the services below and ways to access it to new immigrants coming here.

  • We offer free online assessment
  • Fixed fees structure
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Dedicated and honest staff
  • Find a place to live
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Driving Licence and ID creation
  • Local transportation and getting around your new city
  • Schooling for your kids


What is Permanent Resident Status?
Canadian PR status allows you to live and work lawfully anywhere in Canada. It also provides you access to all the social welfare programs like free education from Grade 1 to Grade 12, Employment Insurance and free health care.
What is an arranged employment program?
Arranged Employment Program ensures your entry in Canada under skilled category. Person with arranged employment can get 15 more points. This offer must be approved by Service Canada.
Will a close relative in Canada will be a help?
Yes, a person with a close blood relative will get 5 points. Close relatives may include your Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents, Niece and Nephew.
Do students need a student visa for pursuing a short term course?
The need for a student visa mainly depends on the length of the course. If the course duration is less than six months, there will be no need for a student visa. However if the course duration is more than six months, the student must apply for a student visa.
Is there an eligibility occupation list under the Federal Skilled Worker Visa category?
There is no eligibility occupation list prevalent at this time under the Federal Skilled Worker Visa category. Applicants of this category must have a minimum of one-year work experience in the last 10 years in a National Occupation Classification (NOC) code type O, A and B.
Is Dual Citizenship recognized in Canada?
Yes, since 1977 Canada has permitted its citizens to hold multiple or dual citizenships. This means that a citizen of Canada will not lose his/her Canadian citizenship in case he/she retains his/her native nation’s citizenship. However, the native country has to permit dual citizenship to their citizens.


Scholarship and awards are well established in all educational institutions and colleges. These can be funded by individual donors, corporations, faculties, departments or governing body of the universities/colleges. These scholarships are awarded during the academic year based on the students previous academic performance and current status of the registration of the courses.

Majority of Canadian university and colleges provide scholarship and co-ops programs to help incoming students to lessen their financial burden.

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